Founded in 1982, Productool has gained experience in many areas of plastic extrusion and pioneered tooling for an extensive range of applications and materials.


Located centrally in the south of England, Productool - the wire erosion specialists - supply parts for many processes, including plastic extrusion tools, moulds and vacuum forming, serving industries.

Our Vision

To provide our customers with a high-quality product and service, and to see ourselves as the market leaders in complicated tooling requirements.

Customer Focused

Throughout the entire process, from design to prototype to engineering our team will always be on hand to offer advice and support with product design or tooling issues.


Whatever the problem we will always try and help you provide a solution. We thrive on complicated and specialist projects.

What is Plastic Extrusion

Plastic Extrusion is raw plastic melted and formed into a continuous profile. Common examples include pipes, tubing and wire insulation.