Improving safety using economical materials.


Plastic Extrusions protect wiring harnesses and fluids using hoses and plastic sleeves to insulate electrical charges.


We have made extrusions to help aid with seating retainers as well as polycarbonate in certain lighting diffusers.

How we have helped

As we specialise in complex Plastic Extrusion Tooling we can cater to the demanding needs within the automotive industry. Complex profiles for the specific implementation, as well as the need to reduce weight improve efficiency, are some of the factors to consider as well as maintaining strength.

As weight reduction and advanced electronics and panels are being implemented by manufacturers plastic implementation within vehicles continues to increase.


Tooling Design


Plastic Extrusion Tooling


Plastic Extruded profiles


We supply extrusion tooling for the aerospace industry as well as extruded profiles. These include parts such as light diffusers control systems.


We supply the electronics industry with a range of specialist Plastic Extrusion tooling and Plastic extrusion products.  From cable insulation and sleeving, PVC conduits, trunking.